Searching for an encounter with God

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At the heart of the recounting of Moses on Mt Horeb and the Burning Bush is a love story, one that shows a sovereign God that is committed to us. In the midst of our daily grind, our mundane life, God has each of us on his mind. God is constantly trying to, at even the most generic moments of our life, to focus on him. He desperately wants our attention.

Scripture shows us through the Angel of the Lord he caused a ‘Fire’ to light upon the bush but the bush wasn’t consumed or burned as a means to capture Moses’ attention. Spiritual Food for thought for later, have we been used to get someone’s else attention for God. Were you the flame? Were you the bush? Both were tools in God’s hand but served a totally different purpose and came through a unique experience.

Back to Mt Horeb and Moses, the salient point is near. Sometimes we seek this different experience with God and miss the wonder of his presence. Guilty of this myself at times, please don’t do that, every moment in his presence needs to be cherished.

Instead of Moses marveling in Jehovah’s presence he wanted to see the source of God (the flame.) In hind sight we can easy ridicule or laugh at the notion but if we search our steps we will clearly find moments such as these regarding our behavior. How many times have we been so busy in the mundane or the needless busyness of our lives that we aren’t living in the moment and God shows up and has to say, “Dwight, Dwight! Here I Am. Over Here.”

–by Dwight Herlong

Father God, 

Thank you that you never leave us alone. You realize that we are incapable of ever finding you if we aren’t first seeking you properly (in your word, in our circumstances, in prayer, in fellowship with other Christians). It’s as if we wonder through a maze and at times, when we are in need of direction, you pick us up by the shirt collar and place us down in another part of the maze. Thank you that you do this for us.  Help us to realize the experience of your intervention in our lives, purposed to head us in the right direction, running toward, rather than away from you!  You are amazing!  

In Jesus name, 

Amen (def. this is truth).

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