Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer
Thank You Father for showing me some things about myself that I’d not seen.  It wasn’t necessarily fun to see it as it was/is.  But, I know You are right about it.  It’s so much easier to point the finger at others or to blame them.  Taking personal responsibility about it is something that makes you proud of one of Your kids and helps us kids get better at following You.  Thank You for Your patience of me.  I aspire to be more patient with others.  Amen
-Bud Lamb

One thought on “Morning Prayer

  1. Thanks Bud. I love what you said yesterday about true patience. True patience is patience when faced with crisis or dealing with turmoil. When we are moved out of our comfort zone, what happens? We don’t recognize patience as the treasure/ gift it is when there is calm. We learn the most about ourselves and about how Jesus can use us, when we are patience in the storm.

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